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Racial Literacy For Every American

We started CHOOSE in 2014 because we weren't talking about race. At the same time, we realized that every part of our daily lives—from our neighborhoods to our friend groups—were shaped by racial division.

​We began by listening to people's stories and sharing them on this website. A year later, we published all of them, paired with statistics and systematic context, in one textbook-toolkit called The Classroom Index. We called our model a bridge for the "heart-mind gap" in our TED Talk here

Now, we've traveled to all 50 states, collecting stories about race, culture, and intersectionality for our next book, Tell Me Who You Are. CHOOSE is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit, and all author proceeds go directly toward CHOOSE. We are still working to provide every American—and particularly K-12 educators and students—with the tools for effective conversations about race. 

We imagine every school in the United States requiring racial and intersectional literacy curriculum, especially by supporting our educators—that way, young people like us can grow up not only proud of their backgrounds, but caring about the communities we share. We imagine racial literacy as a 21st century life skill. We imagine us all collaborating to co-create a shared American culture that is equitable, loving, and just. That's the story we seek to share one day.

Thank you to all those who have supported us on our journey here—and as we continue to get to work!

CHOOSE Founders
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