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Priya + Winona

We traveled to all 50 states to gather stories from over 500 incredible human beings about how race, culture, and intersectionality have impacted their lives. We couldn’t have done it without these amazing humans. Thank you to our incredible advisors, donors, hosts, and everyone who was courageous enough to share their story. Below, meet the team members who worked directly on the book with us.


Tabitha Rucker, Natalie Marinides, Shane Spring, Nayha Zahid

Taylor Whittington, Najma Dayib, Mckim Jean Pierre, Anna Cincotta

Eric Holdhusen, Darya Tahvildar-Zadeh, Jasmine Lyte, Gabrielle Myers

Jennifer Nguyen, Isabella Nuñez, Khadeeja Qureshi, Sabrina Roberts

Michaela Guo, Raisa Rubin Stankiewicz, Yasna Vismale, Nancy Wilson

Connie Cai, Cassia Cai, Brenna Miller,

Rin Nagano

Kiara Kunnes, Kimi Kobayashi, Yoselin Hernandez, Amy Huang

Marina Curchitser

not pictured: Priyanka Nanayakkara, Lee Linde


Neha Shah, Dione King, Protim Adhikari, Ethan Frisch

Brian Fong, Jocelyn Jimenez, Eran DeSilva, Marie DeAngelo

Ophelia Hu-Kinney, Sybil Hampton, Linda Oppenheim, Hunter Taylor

Nikko Viquiera, Milton Reynolds, Corrine Sanchez, Kelcy Bentley

John Kirk, DeJon Jordan, Sara Fairley, Andrew Bentley

Annah Kuriakose


Professional Advisory Board: Allison Bland, Howard Stevenson, Nishat Ruiter, Ruha Benjamin, Roberto Schiraldi, Simona Brickers, John Cutsinger, Eduardo Cadava, Shirley Satterfield, Jennifer Lea Cohan, John Steele, Joshua Guild, Saraswathi Shukla, Julie Meyers, Kareen Ross, Karen Griffin, Kristina Donovan, Neha Shah, Timothy Campbell, Protim Adhikari, Timothy Charleston, Linda Oppenheim, Liz Vogel, Martha Sandweiss, Marie DeAngelo, Ethan Frisch, Jocelyn Jimenez, Steve Cochrane, Thomas Safian


Ayesha Qureshi, Abby Emison, Hamza Nishtar, Brian Li, Sage Adams


Visual designs by Marie Louise James


Website development by Isabella Peralta

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CHOOSE is a student-led organization working to equip every American with the tools to talk about race and act on racism. An intersectional and intergenerational movement.


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