The Classroom Index

A (sold-out) K-12 teacher & administrator resource for racial literacy 

made by the very students educators seek to impact.

It is often difficult or uncomfortable to talk about race. For the educator, The Classroom Index provides an easy-to-use and tested solution. A reference guide, story index, and racial literacy toolbox, The Classroom Index enables educators to supplement their lesson plans with personal stories and discussion points to spark meaningful and effective conversations about race. 

We didn't talk about race in school until tenth grade... even though we all start developing signs of prejudice at three to four years old. If ONE of our (otherwise incredible) teachers had taught us how to understand race, we would've been able to combat racism so much earlier. You can do better for your students!


  • 224 pages

  • over 150 stories nationally collected and exclusive to The Classroom Index, organized by topics & tags

  • can accommodate diverse K-12 lesson plans for all subjects

  • foreword by Dr. Ruha Benjamin, Princeton University Department of African-American Studies 

  • created by high school students who know what it's like to sit in a classroom & talk about race; edited by educators & Professional Advisory Board

  • piloted in Princeton Public Schools (Spring 2016)

  • mostly funded by the Princeton University Department of African American Studies and the Princeton Education Foundation

  • recognized in 2016 by Princeton University’s Princeton Prize in Race Relations, The Harnisch Foundation, and Not in Our Town’s Unity Award


​         Each story consists of an interview, a visual, thematic tags, and research-based discussion points that connect the story to larger historical or contemporary issues. Our list of tags and corresponding stories makes it simple to choose content relevant to the themes of an existing lesson or unit. Stories are color-coded to indicate appropriate age & grade levels—including elementary, middle, and high school. Short interviews, longer interviews, written reflections, current event features, and Teacher Talks (interviews with educators) provide different story formats to fit different lesson plans. Cartoons and quotes are also reprinted throughout the book. To ensure our stories can accommodate all class subjects, The Classroom Index contains content, activities, and ideas for dialogue for eight core subjects taught in schools nationally. Opinion pieces covering essential questions that often confuse students are also answered, along with a racial literacy test for pre- and/or post-assessment.


John Anagbo

Retired English & History Supervisor

The Classroom Index is the work of bold high school students who sought to do something about the way we do, or do not engage in conversations about race. The book is an excellent and riveting resource that every K-12 district should include in their curriculum.

Ruha Benjamin

African-American Studies Professor

Princeton University

(excerpt from foreword)

    It is not just jobs [children] want, but purpose, as well as the tools to more accurately read their reality. This is where 'racial literacy' and CHOOSE come in.

Stephen Cochrane

Princeton Public Schools Superintendent

(excerpt from introduction)

     I believe this book is fundamental... It contains the stories of individuals both locally and internationally that help to personalize our appreciation of diversity. Some of the stories are tragic. Others are celebratory. All are deeply moving. 

We're sold out!

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