Updated: May 6, 2018

Enjoy this preview of Justin's story! We met Justin in Lawrence, Kansas, and his full story, along with correlating systematic research and insights, will be in our next book.

"The first time I realized who I was was when another white person drove by, lowered his window, and called me 'nigger.'

When they first see me, they’re gonna see a black face until I open my mouth. Once I start talking though, I crush all stereotypes.

White students need to know about the experiences of students of color. But the people that aren’t gonna listen are the ones that need to be changed. And only a white person, I’ve learned, can talk to another white person and get farther than I can get. Because either they’re gonna stop listening to me, I’m gonna get angry, or both.

Sometimes, it’s easy just to think about giving up, telling them to fuck themselves and to stay away from you. But you can’t do that because they run the world. So you just gotta keep telling them and keep waking them up. It’s all baby steps, you know?"


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