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Since 2014, CHOOSE has aimed to equip educators with the tools for racial literacy.


Tell Me Who You Are (Penguin Random House, June 2019) is our latest racial literacy toolkit. ThoughTMWYA can (and should) be used in spaces everywhere—we need racial literacy beyond the classroom too—we specifically hope it will be a useful teaching resource to educate and empower students across the country. The book was designed from the heart-mind model of our (since sold-out) racial literacy textbook, The Classroom Index, used by educators in 40+ states and explained further in our TED Talk here.


So, we created an "Educator's Companion Guide" alongside the book, specifically for educators who care about bringing social justice to their classroom. We envision the toolkit for educators of all subjects, though we think the book's content makes it most suitable for students starting in middle school. 


Register above to download it for free and thank you for being part of this educator #racialliteracy movement! Want to get further involved? Stay tuned via social media (more resources coming in July 2019), or find out more about our Educator Advisory Board on the right!


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